Saturday, October 20, 2012

Oh 6th || Show & Tell

Hi hii my daisies !! this post is a show & tell of my week and a few other things. 
Take a look!

oh! lets get the sad things over with first! :( i miss my friend very much! she lives so far away and after spending the whole summer with her i am now having bestie withdrawals!! This has affected me a tad but lets always stay positive! :) hopefully she'll return to me s0on enough!

A selfie ..or two. ;) 
a pep in my step! new flats. they are black and suede-y.
Its fallllll !! I'm in love, the leaves are everywhere and the weather is gloomy! :)
OMG! my lips have been very dry and lippies have been a must in my handbag.
Keeping time. i found this lovely little watch for cheap and then i added a few more bracelets.
1, 2, 3 ...flick! ;)  black winged eyeliner was the thing for me this week!

 Emmanuelle Alt...this woman! saw her picture and then found some more, her style, Gah! so chic! I'm in love! 
EMBRACE MESSY HAIR.  yep, 'twas my motto this whole week haha messy messy topknots!
oh my! saw this pretty oxblood lippy and oh, i like!
and of course the nail polish! this and other dark nail polishes have been calling my name.
Adele's beehive, i like! i just don't know how to style my hair quite so high.

hhhmmm some more? ....

 if i am not pinning i am on youtube catching up on some videos! 0o0o!!! you may know these two lovely, wonderful, fantastic and any other great description word out there! they are my very favorite you-tubers and bloggers! Zoe (zoella) she is just cute as a button and Louis (sprinkle of glitter & sprinkle of chatter) is just Oh! so... i dont know i just love to watch her videos no matter how long she doesn't bore me one bit!! Check them both will fall in love ! :) 
Who doesn't like a british accent!?

just a tad more...

a last little tid bit. some inspiration! 
the Olsen twins, oh these girlies are so stylish. i love they're look. i don't know how to describe it, to me its like rich old lady, big glasses, messy hair, grungy, chic, oversized, skinny jean greatness!! i love looking at pictures of them and seeing what they are wearing and the state of they're hair. i like how it seems like they know who they are and what they like and they embrace it and don't care what people think.
Emma Watson...this girl! she is just so classy and elegant and sexy and, and, and so many things! i find her so pretty, so pretty! i like how this girl functions. haha she's smart, pretty and she seems like a true and good person.
 i wish to be as elegant as her someday!  this will probably not come true, as i am a clumsy-messy topknot- awkward kinda gal. haha

Check these lovelies out, you won't regret it!

Sprinkle of Glitter (beauty channel): click it! 
Sprinkle of Chatter (chatty/life/DYI channel): click it!
Sprinkle of Glitter Blog: click it!

Zoella (beauty/vlogs channel): click it! 
Zoella blog: click it!

Hope you enjoyed!!
"Sweet Nothing" by Calvin Harris ft. Florence Welch has been on replay! have a listen! its addictive. :)

Muakk !! xx

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