Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Oh 1st || First Official Post

As the official first post i thought i would just dive into it and show you some recent buys. First i'll start with the Simple lotion, which is great! i had heard of it from pixi2woo , she talked about it in one of her videos and when i went to the store i saw it and i got it! oh the excitement! i guess its in the uk, so after seeing her video and then seeing it on the store shelf here, i got pretty excited. The lotion is extremely light and hydrating and its perfect for my face. Next on the list is the Clean Finish foundation by Rimmel, it is my first ever foundation. i never wear "all over" makeup because i had never had the need not since recently, but i'll leave that for another post. Up next are the two makeup brushes that i bought when i stopped at Target. These are my first makeup brushes (not used for the eyes), one is the double ended with one end being a concealer brush and the other being a foundation brush. i found it really hard to rub the foundation on with my fingers, i felt like i was rubbing my hand germs all over my face and i found that it dried quickly so i couldn't spread it evenly. So i thought hey! lets use a brush like my Youtube inspirations do. The brush works! The other brush is a baby kabuki brush that i use to apply the NYX Pinched blush that i got at Ulta. 0o0o0o Ulta, its a makeup heaven there! i could be inside that wonderful little world for ages! :) While i was there i picked up NYX milk jumbo pencil for an eyeshadow primer. it really brightens things up! And second to last are those little clips that i am forever losing! I bought a pack of normal and a pack of jumbos to hold my hair in place.  Oh, saved the best for last!! The book: The Perks of Being a Wallflower ! i saw the preview for the movie and i announced to the people in my living room "I want to see that!!" and so of course, i have to read the book first! I'm super excited! hmm sounds like another post i need to do.

Phew! that was a bit wordy and not at all showy... i promise to post more pictures as i go. Bear with me as i try to learn all the tips and tricks to the blogging world. I hope you enjoyed!

muakk!! xx

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