Monday, December 3, 2012

Oh 12th || Autumn Ramble!

OMG! It has been FOREVER since my last blog post and i am very sorry if any of you really read this. I have been working like a crazy lady and when i get home i'm pooped and i don't want to do anything. Ever had the feeling? 

This is me ^^

Anywho0o it's December a winter month and i have failed epically at the Autumn Bucket List from MarieBitsandClips  :( S0o I'm going to do one big ramble of all the things that still need to be crossed off the list. Readyyy ?!

I'm not big on the whole cooking thing but I'm pretty sure that to make something autumn-ish you need a heap of this stuff!

Apparently you just add 2 eggs and evaporated milk
and you can eat it straight outta the can!
kidding!! don't do this! it's a tummy ache ready to happen.

I didn't make this but if you look up pumpkin roll maybe you can and then you'll have made a little piece of autumn heaven. It's pumpkin cake rolled and filled with cream cheese stuff! It's s0o0o delicious!

yummm !!

Waiting for Christmas and Tumblr. Oh! and watching my favorite youtubers!
If i had a bit more friends and a little excitement in my life i would have posted a great picture of me at a corn maze or on a hay ride. Unfortunately, thats not the case but my laptop is just as cool! haha 

During autumn and winter, dark nail polishes are my fave!
Butter London "Saucy Jack" and L'Oreal's "Breaking Curfew"
Cinnamon-y reds, browns and golds are my go to eye shadows for the season.

hhmm i don't think i have any special decoration for autumn but i did put up twinkle lights around my bed to be a bit festive.

phew, done! haha well that was just my attempt to not totally suck at not finishing my first bucket list. so i hope you enjoyed and i promise to be less MIA.

Birdy's cover of "1901" played whilst i typed away. Have a listen! its lovely.

Muakk  xx

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