Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Oh 20th | Falling in love !

Oh Gee!! October is here! I mean, the excitement I had for September was good but a whole latta days later you get a nippier month and a bit deeper into the autumn season!
You know, i don't mind summer but layering clothes, oversized cardis, chunky knits and scarves are just so much more fun and plush!
*loud squeal and a clap or two occurred*

Fall colors are just my pals! i love the deep and the dark and occasionally the pop of color. And for a girl with a pile of black in her closet its just...its just ahhh!

So look on ahead to some Pinspiration!
(*none of the pictures or mine and sources can possibly be found on my Pinterst board.)

 Conclusion : Every change of weather comes with a list of things that are desperately needed, here is mine.
(note that the list can and will get longer as i spend more time on Pinterest, reading other blogs and just driving past a store. haha)


1. Camel /neutral oversized sweater
2. New pair of black and brown boots
3. Anything red plaid
4. Scarves, the chunkier the better
5. Leather jacket (no idea if it suits me but you know...)
6. Black floral dress
7. Red/ wine colored dress

Muakk !! xx

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

oh 19th || #OOTD

Hello i've missed you!! So I've recently posted two #ootds on Instagram and I'm kinda shy about it but they're up! --no shame-- hash tagged even! haha I'm not the tall and skinny kind, I'm more the pear- shaped-bread-lover kind and eater, clearly!! But clothes are my favorite and so it goes, selfies come with the outfit! 

So let us dissect!!

Soo leggings are not pants! But guess what? I'm a victim of their comfort and complete faux pas! Eeek!! I know but i love them :/ Don't hate me, I beg!

[ one thing: i doo make sure to cover my bum! if it makes things less worse haha ]

Black leggings : Forever21
Oversized tan shirt : Q (weird store similar to Forever21)
Scarf -black with tiny birds- : Charming Charlie
Sandals : Fashion Bug

Hair in a messy and giant top knot!

Black leggings : Forever21
White scalloped tank : H&M
Long sleeved black cardigan: Q (similar ones at H&M)
Necklace : Charming Charlie
Black flats : H&M

Hair with curled ends, fringe pinned back!

Ain't that the truth! As you know picking out an outfit is quite the mission so please excuse my mess!
And of course, yes, you got me!! I'm a fangirl!! :)

So I'm kinda liking this full #ootd thing on instagram and the just add a pep in my step! so thank you!

muahh!! xx

Sunday, June 30, 2013

oh 18th || Nails, nails, nails!

 My "Instagram Worthy" nails! 

I'm quite obsessed with nail polish and nail designs and I haven't got a clue why or how the obsession started. Let us blame Pinterest! haha!
But Oh My! how fun it is. Before, i hadn't the patience to sit around and wait for the all the "base coat, two coats, top coat, fur coat, winter coat...." business! I simply wanted them painted, dried and free to  eat potato chips or sweep my hair into a bun, but nooo, not with the smudging and the UGH! all the hullabaloo.
But that's all in the past, well the waiting is still a bit annoying but my patience has gotten better. :)

I'm an Essie fan, as you can tell! and of course an Ulta fan, which is where i purchased the lacquers!* 

3. Fiji (a fab friend let me borrow)
Essie's 3 Way Glaze was used as base/top coat 
(it's an all in one glaze that saves you money and space)

Check out my instagram here and give me a follow, if you'd like :)
Also see Pinterest where i love getting new ideas and color combos, here.

Muakk !! xx

Saturday, May 18, 2013

oh 17th || Heartache

Golly Gee!! It has been a while and i only come back to pour a little of my heartache out haha. So, i tell you all this on a very serious note! Well, as serious as you can take it because it's quite the childish thing. So, I'm the type of person that falls in love with whom ever cross my path with a smile, a chat or a kind gesture. Don't open the door for me because i will walk through  having named all five of our children, including the dog! I've never had a first love, a boyfriend or anything along the lines. A major crush, yes, but other than that nothing much. No admirers, no nothing! I'm about to turn 20-something and GRRR nothing!!! Yes, it's sad and i get a little down in the dumps at times but what is a girl to do. I'll tell you, stare (not for very long though, wouldn't want to be lonely and creepy) and daydream; about having a sloppy kiss from the nerdy hottie at the Starbucks or getting a very sweet and soft embrace form the hunk at the clothing store. Ahhhh! I perfect every detail of the scenario in my head with a ginormous dorky smile on my face. :) Oh love, i wish i had you at my feet! But i don't! You MEANIE! but it's FINE, i'll wait! haha

hahaha aahhh Mr. Squarepants! Ya get me every time!

So since i do the occasional daydreaming, i had dreamed a little dream with a guy from work. We had a moment, with a laugh and a chat. Gah! That was all i needed haha i was in L-O-V-E!
Then because of scheduling i didn't see him for 2 weeks! When i came back :( it was all stranger danger and no more sweet talk. Sometimes i would catch him staring at me but nothing else. So it stayed like that till today. He ignored me some more and i was bummed. But OMG! then i go to write down my schedule and i notice that he's not on the schedule and that he probably quit! 
OH MAN! i was super sad! We didn't even get a chance to let our love bloom! :(
Oh the heartache!! </3

Well, that was the terrible that happened today. haha. I know, i know, you probably think i am a complete lunatic but don't judge me too harshly because you probably just got home from a date or you're a highschooler who has gotten, dare i say, more "action" than me. 
I leave you with understanding Pinterest pictures. haha they crack me up!
Any heartaches for you? 
(Real love or the silly- "he doesn't know i exist" kind, doesn't matter i would love to read about it.)

I need ice cream......

Sunday, March 31, 2013

oh 16th || Egg Day !

Well hiii! Just wanted to do a quick post  for Easter sunday! Oh, the weather was very springy today and it put a smile on my face. Yes, i had to work but it wasn't too bad and i got out early enough to enjoy the sun, feel a wonderful breeze across my face and have my hair tossed up in the wind. OOH i love it!! 

I was very tired last night but i managed to do my nails. haha

Essie's "Bond With Whomever" and Sally Hansen's "05, Be-Jeweled"
Found both at Ulta!

I am loving pastel colors at the moment. They are so festive and springy and with a little sparkle they are just so fun! 
What colors are you loving at the moment?!
comment below :) i'd love to read about it!!

Hope you have a wonderful day today!
muakk !! xx

Friday, March 29, 2013

oh 15th || WISHLIST ebay cart #2 : Flats

1 / 2 / 3 / 4

I wish the warm weather would get here now! This cold is really driving me nuts. Here are some flats and loafers that i thought would be fun for spring outfits. Pick number 1 is a pair that i have been wanting for a while. I think that it would be a great way to put some life into all those boring clothes hanging in my closet. I've never had a wild print like so but a little print never hurt anybody, right?

Muakk !! xx
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