Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Oh 9th || Boo!

Hello!! Well today is the 31st of October as you may know and its also Halloween!! :) Now I'm not a big fan of the whole dressing up, mainly because i have no life and therefore no parties to attend haha, but today i did dress up. I didn't go all out but i did buy myself a nice little witch hat and off to work i went. 

The little hat came with a clip attached so i curled my hair and plopped it on!
As for my makeup i did eyeliner like usual and added a shimmery purple to match.The dress was a plain black dress that has a layer of lace so i thought it looked witchy enough. I kept it spooky but still professional since i was wearing this to work and i can't go on scaring customers. haha

A quick joke i heard from my mother who could not stop laughing while she told me:
Why was there no food left after the monster's party? 
.....because everyone was a goblin!! HAHA
i think i was laughing more at the fact that she found this horrible joke so hilarious. 

Well, that was my short costume post for Halloween!
I hope you had a spooktacular 31st !!!
Comment and share your day with me! :)

"Lovefool" by The Cardigans was playing while i typed, have a listen!

Muakk!! xx

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Oh 8th || Autumn Bucket List: Favorite Drink

Hiiii lovelies ! today's post is part of the Autumn Bucket List. As you all know i adore Louise (Sprinkle of Glitter) and while reading her blog a while back i was led to another blogger, Marie Bitsandclips, who came up with this idea. What i am to do is to capture a picture of my favorite things from this fantastic autumn season and do a post on it. I have a list of things to do, see the picture below? that is my list and hopefully i'll be crossing some of those items off ! :)

Click above to see the original master mind behind of all this ! :)

Today i will be crossing off the first item of my Autumn Bucket List! My Favorite fall drink. Now, i am not a pro at ordering at Starbucks and i definitely don't go up to the counter and ramble off in coffee bean language, all the choices kinda scare me and i like to keep it simple. One shot, two shots, add this and that and a hint of this and a punch of that--not me, very cool, but not me. So my choice is a bit of a boring one compared to other posts i have seen but nonetheless its my fav! it taste like an autumn's day in a cup! it is Starbucks' Chai Tea Latte! its smooth, foamy, spicy and sweet. i love it when the cool weather starts because this is sure to keep me warm! :) 

Hope you enjoyed !!
OMG!! have you heard the new song by the great One Direction?! it is fantastic and it played in the background while i made the post! have a listen! <--Click it! i know you will love it haha

Muakk !! xx

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Oh 7th || Hair in black and white

hope you enjoyed!
Andrew Allen's "I Want You" played in the background have a listen! its a good tune.

Muakk !! xx

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Oh 6th || Show & Tell

Hi hii my daisies !! this post is a show & tell of my week and a few other things. 
Take a look!

oh! lets get the sad things over with first! :( i miss my friend very much! she lives so far away and after spending the whole summer with her i am now having bestie withdrawals!! This has affected me a tad but lets always stay positive! :) hopefully she'll return to me s0on enough!

A selfie ..or two. ;) 
a pep in my step! new flats. they are black and suede-y.
Its fallllll !! I'm in love, the leaves are everywhere and the weather is gloomy! :)
OMG! my lips have been very dry and lippies have been a must in my handbag.
Keeping time. i found this lovely little watch for cheap and then i added a few more bracelets.
1, 2, 3 ...flick! ;)  black winged eyeliner was the thing for me this week!

 Emmanuelle Alt...this woman! saw her picture and then found some more, her style, Gah! so chic! I'm in love! 
EMBRACE MESSY HAIR.  yep, 'twas my motto this whole week haha messy messy topknots!
oh my! saw this pretty oxblood lippy and oh, i like!
and of course the nail polish! this and other dark nail polishes have been calling my name.
Adele's beehive, i like! i just don't know how to style my hair quite so high.

hhhmmm some more? ....

 if i am not pinning i am on youtube catching up on some videos! 0o0o!!! you may know these two lovely, wonderful, fantastic and any other great description word out there! they are my very favorite you-tubers and bloggers! Zoe (zoella) she is just cute as a button and Louis (sprinkle of glitter & sprinkle of chatter) is just Oh! so... i dont know i just love to watch her videos no matter how long she doesn't bore me one bit!! Check them both will fall in love ! :) 
Who doesn't like a british accent!?

just a tad more...

a last little tid bit. some inspiration! 
the Olsen twins, oh these girlies are so stylish. i love they're look. i don't know how to describe it, to me its like rich old lady, big glasses, messy hair, grungy, chic, oversized, skinny jean greatness!! i love looking at pictures of them and seeing what they are wearing and the state of they're hair. i like how it seems like they know who they are and what they like and they embrace it and don't care what people think.
Emma Watson...this girl! she is just so classy and elegant and sexy and, and, and so many things! i find her so pretty, so pretty! i like how this girl functions. haha she's smart, pretty and she seems like a true and good person.
 i wish to be as elegant as her someday!  this will probably not come true, as i am a clumsy-messy topknot- awkward kinda gal. haha

Check these lovelies out, you won't regret it!

Sprinkle of Glitter (beauty channel): click it! 
Sprinkle of Chatter (chatty/life/DYI channel): click it!
Sprinkle of Glitter Blog: click it!

Zoella (beauty/vlogs channel): click it! 
Zoella blog: click it!

Hope you enjoyed!!
"Sweet Nothing" by Calvin Harris ft. Florence Welch has been on replay! have a listen! its addictive. :)

Muakk !! xx

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Oh 5th || Be Happy !

Hello lovelies!! i feel as though its been forever since my last post, but i haven't been up to anything special lately. I lead a very boring life and sometimes i get very sad because of that. so this post is a bit of a venting one, i apologize for that but its just something i feel today. i started to type another post about some other stuff and i deleted it because i just wasn't feeling it.

any whoo so i was on my favorite site haha Pinterest! and i love reading the quotes that come up, some are inspiring, others are funny and cute and then there are some that i read and I'm like "YES!! thats totally me right now!" haha recently i found this one:

And i sighed and agreed with it. let me tell you something: i hate and i love Facebook. haha i like it because i get to communicate with my sister and a few other friends that live far away, and i also get to see a little bit of what's going on with others. But this is also the reason i hate it! i see what others are doing, the fun they are having traveling and going to school and all the friends they have and I'm just sitting here all by my lonesome not having any fun. haha i know i sound like "oh i lead a horrible life and feel sorry for me please" but I'm not saying those things I'm just telling you how i feel at times. i see these things and i compare my life to others and even though i know i shouldn't do that, i still do it! and i only hurt myself. Because even though i wish i was away at college or traveling (grr like one of my friends haha) or partying or having friends i can call up, i do like my life and i know that i have it quite nice at the moment. Let me tell you a bit about myself. i did not go to college or uni right after high school and even though it worries me that i have to go, i cannot, for the life of me, decide what i want to study! people ask me at times and i draw a blank. i like so many things that i have no idea what i want to do with myself. Oh! it just stresses me out and then the only way to deal with it is to take a nap! haha so when i see others on Facebook doing all these things for school or because of school i get jealous and upset with myself. And that is not very awesome at all. because even though I'm not doing all those things i am quite content with what i have right now.


 i was at work the other day and i realized i do like my job and i like coming here and spending a couple hours out of the house, its nice. And i do like coming home and spending time with my mom or on Pinterest or skyping with my sister. And i am pretty happy right now so i need to stop comparing. because i do, i want a lot out of life and i do wish to go to school soon (hopefully this spring!) and i do hope to travel (London is calling, and so is Spain haha) and even though i want it all right now, i know all these things will hopefully come to me or show up in my life when i am ready. 

So that was just a little vent. i am sorry if you didn't like the post  but ill be much more chipper next time. But if you feel similar or like to compare yourself to others i urge you NOT to! (i too, am trying hard to take this advise) you only hurt yourself and you underrate the things you have. So be content, I'm not saying you can't dream or set goals or want more out of life, but i am saying that when you dream and you set your goals, set them for yourself, for who you are and for what you want, not because someone else has it or wants it. Always make sure you're happy, because if we're not happy then whats the point of it all??

I know its always said and most of us are like i have no idea who i am but... Always Be You! say what you want, feel what you feel and enjoy it because you'll feel relaxed and free.  by doing these things you will slowly discover yourself, what you like, who your true friends are and what you want to do. Im still discovering me, and that is why i find it so hard to settle, so even though i am telling you all these things I'm telling myself too. i have a lot to learn from myself and what i want. So join me in this little journey of finding and being ourselves! let's be happy together! :)

hope you enjoyed !! don't forget to comment! i would love to here your thoughts!
OH! i was listening to this lovely little song called "Velvet Arms" by Jay Loftus, have a listen! its catchy! 

Muakk!! xx

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Oh 4th || Big Wish list !!

Hello lovely roses!! i have just arrived form the mall and i am so sad to say that i did not find what i was looking for. :( i had gone in to purchase a scarf that is a beautiful rosy pink, but when i got to the scarf rack they were out! unfortunately, now i may have to travel a little farther to get my scarf.  i was so sad, on the plus side, i bought a sweater and a white tunic all under $15 !! 0o0o0o the sales rack! And while i was there i spotted some other things that i might just have to go back for, and so i have made a wish list today!

My Wish list :

i LOVE scarves! they're just s0o soft, plush and warm. :) you can never have t0o many!

H&M, Forever21, H&M
the powdery pink, on the left, is the one i long for!

With the chilly weather already nipping at our noses i want to keep warm with these pretty sweaters!
the minty one, on the right, would look nice with dark jeans and nude flats. 

For some reason i have been wanting a leather jacket, no idea why, i just want it! i don't even know if i'm a leather jacket kinda girl. haha but I'm pretty sure anyone can be, you just have to own it, right?  As for the plaid and the boots, it's fall! they're a necessity!

Zara?? i really just google imaged it, that goes for the plaid shirt t0o, TOMS booties

OMG! i need another pair of jeans prontO, these are for sure a mandatory! the tees are just basics (grey/white), and the blazer, i LOVE blazers. Blazers are wonderful, when they fit properly they make you look thinner! :)

AE jeans, H&M tops and Blazer

And then, for the finishing touches! If i don't have a boring color then i have a deep red on my nails and so i have been wanting to try a different shade. I have been eyeing that Essie blue! ;)

earrings: H&M, ring: Forever21, Essie nail polish.

S0o0o that is my wish list! i just wanted to share all these pretty little things that make a fat ugly dent in my wallet. I'm pretty sure if i step into the mall again i could add a million other items to this already long list but i must practice some self control. haha :) i'll be sure to keep you posted if any wishes make it to my closet!

oh dear, i hope i haven't elongated your wish list t0o much.

Olly Murs' "Oh My Goodness" played in the background, have a listen! it's a g0od one. :)

 Muakk!!  xx

Friday, October 5, 2012

Oh 3rd || Lets Make Some Memories

Hello0o Flowers!! i hope you are doing wonderful! so once upon a time, Pinterest came into my life and what a fabulous disaster! haha the fabulous part is that i LOVE it! and the disastrous part is that i am ADDICTED to it!  i lose sleep because god forbid i don't pin that one picture of Harry Styles into my board. haha (oh! you read correctly! i am a huge fan of those lovely boys!! <3 ) But any who0o, if you don't know about Pinterest, you must! its filled with pictures and great ideas and great outfit ideas t0o. The reason i bring this up is because that is where i found this lovely idea for a Memory Jar.

A memory jar is a little jar of your liking that you start to fill with memories. they could be good, bad, life changing memories or just a small detail that made you happy. You live it, you write it and save it! typically you start this at the beginning of the year so that when the year is over you can look back at all the wonderful things you did. But you can start or do it how ever you like. like if you start it this month then open it next year during the same month, or fill the jar with secrets, like a diary, or with dreams or future plans/goals...just some ideas. :) 
This picture is from Pinterest and it belongs to another blogger, if you wish to see hers click it! she has some different ways of keeping memories too.
Any who0o, lets get started!

What you need:
  • a jar (preferably with a lid) (the jar featured above is a mason jar, mine is one i picked up at the craft sotre)
  • sticky notes (it looks prettier with color stickies!)
  • pencil/pen
jars! check out your local thrift store, grocery store or craft store

To make it your very own:
  • mod podge
  • a brush
  • card stock (construction paper/ thicker than printer paper)
  • decal
  • pictures
  • stickers
  • ribbon
  • glitter
  • the supplies are endless, its how ever you want to personalize it.                                                        This also makes for a great gift, so you can personalize it to your liking or to a friend's liking !

if you don't have a decal but you are equipped with Mod Podge, like i was, then you can make your very own label. you can use a computer or use magazine cut outs or even tissue paper! I printed what i wanted on paper and then i ripped the edges so it gave it more character, then i just slathered the mod podge and let it dry. I also added a little string at the lip of the jar and made a bow.

and Tadaaa!

Since i haven't really been up to much my jar is lacking memories but i'm working on it! i think i might start to add in some dreams and future goals of mine! 

If you would like to discover the wonderful world of Pinterest then click it! but prepare yourself for some extreme pinning and hours of Internet use! it truly is addicting and don't forget to follow me! i pin just about everything, i can't control myself! i pin crafts, hair ideas, outfit ideas and many more things and of course those five lovely boys form that wonderful British boy band!! Click it! here to go directly to my page. ;)

Let me know if you want me to do more Pinterest related crafts. I'm not that crafty, but i like to think that i am so i'll give it a whirl!

Ed Sheeran's "Sofa" played in the background, have a listen. i love it!
i hope you enjoyed! 

Muakk!! xx

Oh 2nd || Rainy Day & 1st OOTD

Hell0o0o0o my flowers!! :) yesterday was a wonderful day i woke up to rain! i love the rain, especially when its gloomy, grey, chilly and the sun is tucked away. i know it may sound depressing but oh! it brings me joy! :) with such grey weather i was able to pull out my chunky scarf. I love this scarf, its thick, fluffy and warm and it was a gift from my bestie so that makes me love it all the more! i also wore some plain black leggings and a black sweater with a blouse that mother bought me. the blouse is a thin off white material with a layer of lace near the neckline. Under the scarf i piled 2 long and thin beaded black necklaces. i think i would have preferred to wear boots but unfortunately i haven't found a good pair yet, so i had to opt for some simple black flats.  :O first outfit of the day!
scarf: H&M $12.95

After work i popped by the mall and i picked up a few things at H&M. they were having a sale!! so i obviously had to buy something. :) after that i walked by a small cafe and in the display case, there sat a delicious looking tart. it made my mouth water, but unfortunately i had to say no. :(

0o0o look at that scrumptious pastry! and the wonderful view of the rain from the driver's seat :)
i hope you enjoyed! i know i may not have any or many readers yet, but if you did happen to read about my day, then i would love to hear about yours!!

Muakk!! xx

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Oh 1st || First Official Post

As the official first post i thought i would just dive into it and show you some recent buys. First i'll start with the Simple lotion, which is great! i had heard of it from pixi2woo , she talked about it in one of her videos and when i went to the store i saw it and i got it! oh the excitement! i guess its in the uk, so after seeing her video and then seeing it on the store shelf here, i got pretty excited. The lotion is extremely light and hydrating and its perfect for my face. Next on the list is the Clean Finish foundation by Rimmel, it is my first ever foundation. i never wear "all over" makeup because i had never had the need not since recently, but i'll leave that for another post. Up next are the two makeup brushes that i bought when i stopped at Target. These are my first makeup brushes (not used for the eyes), one is the double ended with one end being a concealer brush and the other being a foundation brush. i found it really hard to rub the foundation on with my fingers, i felt like i was rubbing my hand germs all over my face and i found that it dried quickly so i couldn't spread it evenly. So i thought hey! lets use a brush like my Youtube inspirations do. The brush works! The other brush is a baby kabuki brush that i use to apply the NYX Pinched blush that i got at Ulta. 0o0o0o Ulta, its a makeup heaven there! i could be inside that wonderful little world for ages! :) While i was there i picked up NYX milk jumbo pencil for an eyeshadow primer. it really brightens things up! And second to last are those little clips that i am forever losing! I bought a pack of normal and a pack of jumbos to hold my hair in place.  Oh, saved the best for last!! The book: The Perks of Being a Wallflower ! i saw the preview for the movie and i announced to the people in my living room "I want to see that!!" and so of course, i have to read the book first! I'm super excited! hmm sounds like another post i need to do.

Phew! that was a bit wordy and not at all showy... i promise to post more pictures as i go. Bear with me as i try to learn all the tips and tricks to the blogging world. I hope you enjoyed!

muakk!! xx

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Im a beginner! what can I do ?

Hellooooo!! I am extremely new at this, just found my seat on the bandwagon but hopefully I get comfortable. And excuse me for not knowing my way around, I'm still trying to figure out how to work the site and all these gadgets. I really don't know if I have much to share but we'll see what I can come up with....
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