Friday, October 5, 2012

Oh 3rd || Lets Make Some Memories

Hello0o Flowers!! i hope you are doing wonderful! so once upon a time, Pinterest came into my life and what a fabulous disaster! haha the fabulous part is that i LOVE it! and the disastrous part is that i am ADDICTED to it!  i lose sleep because god forbid i don't pin that one picture of Harry Styles into my board. haha (oh! you read correctly! i am a huge fan of those lovely boys!! <3 ) But any who0o, if you don't know about Pinterest, you must! its filled with pictures and great ideas and great outfit ideas t0o. The reason i bring this up is because that is where i found this lovely idea for a Memory Jar.

A memory jar is a little jar of your liking that you start to fill with memories. they could be good, bad, life changing memories or just a small detail that made you happy. You live it, you write it and save it! typically you start this at the beginning of the year so that when the year is over you can look back at all the wonderful things you did. But you can start or do it how ever you like. like if you start it this month then open it next year during the same month, or fill the jar with secrets, like a diary, or with dreams or future plans/goals...just some ideas. :) 
This picture is from Pinterest and it belongs to another blogger, if you wish to see hers click it! she has some different ways of keeping memories too.
Any who0o, lets get started!

What you need:
  • a jar (preferably with a lid) (the jar featured above is a mason jar, mine is one i picked up at the craft sotre)
  • sticky notes (it looks prettier with color stickies!)
  • pencil/pen
jars! check out your local thrift store, grocery store or craft store

To make it your very own:
  • mod podge
  • a brush
  • card stock (construction paper/ thicker than printer paper)
  • decal
  • pictures
  • stickers
  • ribbon
  • glitter
  • the supplies are endless, its how ever you want to personalize it.                                                        This also makes for a great gift, so you can personalize it to your liking or to a friend's liking !

if you don't have a decal but you are equipped with Mod Podge, like i was, then you can make your very own label. you can use a computer or use magazine cut outs or even tissue paper! I printed what i wanted on paper and then i ripped the edges so it gave it more character, then i just slathered the mod podge and let it dry. I also added a little string at the lip of the jar and made a bow.

and Tadaaa!

Since i haven't really been up to much my jar is lacking memories but i'm working on it! i think i might start to add in some dreams and future goals of mine! 

If you would like to discover the wonderful world of Pinterest then click it! but prepare yourself for some extreme pinning and hours of Internet use! it truly is addicting and don't forget to follow me! i pin just about everything, i can't control myself! i pin crafts, hair ideas, outfit ideas and many more things and of course those five lovely boys form that wonderful British boy band!! Click it! here to go directly to my page. ;)

Let me know if you want me to do more Pinterest related crafts. I'm not that crafty, but i like to think that i am so i'll give it a whirl!

Ed Sheeran's "Sofa" played in the background, have a listen. i love it!
i hope you enjoyed! 

Muakk!! xx


  1. I have seen this pin and really want to do it. I never even thought to use mod podge to make a label. Great post!

    1. :D !! you my lovely first follower have made my day! hahaha......any who, Thank you and yes! i recently discovered Mod Podge and it's great i use it for everything!

    2. I have an equally overwhelming addiction to mod podge! It's just so useful.


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