Sunday, October 14, 2012

Oh 5th || Be Happy !

Hello lovelies!! i feel as though its been forever since my last post, but i haven't been up to anything special lately. I lead a very boring life and sometimes i get very sad because of that. so this post is a bit of a venting one, i apologize for that but its just something i feel today. i started to type another post about some other stuff and i deleted it because i just wasn't feeling it.

any whoo so i was on my favorite site haha Pinterest! and i love reading the quotes that come up, some are inspiring, others are funny and cute and then there are some that i read and I'm like "YES!! thats totally me right now!" haha recently i found this one:

And i sighed and agreed with it. let me tell you something: i hate and i love Facebook. haha i like it because i get to communicate with my sister and a few other friends that live far away, and i also get to see a little bit of what's going on with others. But this is also the reason i hate it! i see what others are doing, the fun they are having traveling and going to school and all the friends they have and I'm just sitting here all by my lonesome not having any fun. haha i know i sound like "oh i lead a horrible life and feel sorry for me please" but I'm not saying those things I'm just telling you how i feel at times. i see these things and i compare my life to others and even though i know i shouldn't do that, i still do it! and i only hurt myself. Because even though i wish i was away at college or traveling (grr like one of my friends haha) or partying or having friends i can call up, i do like my life and i know that i have it quite nice at the moment. Let me tell you a bit about myself. i did not go to college or uni right after high school and even though it worries me that i have to go, i cannot, for the life of me, decide what i want to study! people ask me at times and i draw a blank. i like so many things that i have no idea what i want to do with myself. Oh! it just stresses me out and then the only way to deal with it is to take a nap! haha so when i see others on Facebook doing all these things for school or because of school i get jealous and upset with myself. And that is not very awesome at all. because even though I'm not doing all those things i am quite content with what i have right now.


 i was at work the other day and i realized i do like my job and i like coming here and spending a couple hours out of the house, its nice. And i do like coming home and spending time with my mom or on Pinterest or skyping with my sister. And i am pretty happy right now so i need to stop comparing. because i do, i want a lot out of life and i do wish to go to school soon (hopefully this spring!) and i do hope to travel (London is calling, and so is Spain haha) and even though i want it all right now, i know all these things will hopefully come to me or show up in my life when i am ready. 

So that was just a little vent. i am sorry if you didn't like the post  but ill be much more chipper next time. But if you feel similar or like to compare yourself to others i urge you NOT to! (i too, am trying hard to take this advise) you only hurt yourself and you underrate the things you have. So be content, I'm not saying you can't dream or set goals or want more out of life, but i am saying that when you dream and you set your goals, set them for yourself, for who you are and for what you want, not because someone else has it or wants it. Always make sure you're happy, because if we're not happy then whats the point of it all??

I know its always said and most of us are like i have no idea who i am but... Always Be You! say what you want, feel what you feel and enjoy it because you'll feel relaxed and free.  by doing these things you will slowly discover yourself, what you like, who your true friends are and what you want to do. Im still discovering me, and that is why i find it so hard to settle, so even though i am telling you all these things I'm telling myself too. i have a lot to learn from myself and what i want. So join me in this little journey of finding and being ourselves! let's be happy together! :)

hope you enjoyed !! don't forget to comment! i would love to here your thoughts!
OH! i was listening to this lovely little song called "Velvet Arms" by Jay Loftus, have a listen! its catchy! 

Muakk!! xx

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