Friday, October 5, 2012

Oh 2nd || Rainy Day & 1st OOTD

Hell0o0o0o my flowers!! :) yesterday was a wonderful day i woke up to rain! i love the rain, especially when its gloomy, grey, chilly and the sun is tucked away. i know it may sound depressing but oh! it brings me joy! :) with such grey weather i was able to pull out my chunky scarf. I love this scarf, its thick, fluffy and warm and it was a gift from my bestie so that makes me love it all the more! i also wore some plain black leggings and a black sweater with a blouse that mother bought me. the blouse is a thin off white material with a layer of lace near the neckline. Under the scarf i piled 2 long and thin beaded black necklaces. i think i would have preferred to wear boots but unfortunately i haven't found a good pair yet, so i had to opt for some simple black flats.  :O first outfit of the day!
scarf: H&M $12.95

After work i popped by the mall and i picked up a few things at H&M. they were having a sale!! so i obviously had to buy something. :) after that i walked by a small cafe and in the display case, there sat a delicious looking tart. it made my mouth water, but unfortunately i had to say no. :(

0o0o look at that scrumptious pastry! and the wonderful view of the rain from the driver's seat :)
i hope you enjoyed! i know i may not have any or many readers yet, but if you did happen to read about my day, then i would love to hear about yours!!

Muakk!! xx

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