Saturday, October 6, 2012

Oh 4th || Big Wish list !!

Hello lovely roses!! i have just arrived form the mall and i am so sad to say that i did not find what i was looking for. :( i had gone in to purchase a scarf that is a beautiful rosy pink, but when i got to the scarf rack they were out! unfortunately, now i may have to travel a little farther to get my scarf.  i was so sad, on the plus side, i bought a sweater and a white tunic all under $15 !! 0o0o0o the sales rack! And while i was there i spotted some other things that i might just have to go back for, and so i have made a wish list today!

My Wish list :

i LOVE scarves! they're just s0o soft, plush and warm. :) you can never have t0o many!

H&M, Forever21, H&M
the powdery pink, on the left, is the one i long for!

With the chilly weather already nipping at our noses i want to keep warm with these pretty sweaters!
the minty one, on the right, would look nice with dark jeans and nude flats. 

For some reason i have been wanting a leather jacket, no idea why, i just want it! i don't even know if i'm a leather jacket kinda girl. haha but I'm pretty sure anyone can be, you just have to own it, right?  As for the plaid and the boots, it's fall! they're a necessity!

Zara?? i really just google imaged it, that goes for the plaid shirt t0o, TOMS booties

OMG! i need another pair of jeans prontO, these are for sure a mandatory! the tees are just basics (grey/white), and the blazer, i LOVE blazers. Blazers are wonderful, when they fit properly they make you look thinner! :)

AE jeans, H&M tops and Blazer

And then, for the finishing touches! If i don't have a boring color then i have a deep red on my nails and so i have been wanting to try a different shade. I have been eyeing that Essie blue! ;)

earrings: H&M, ring: Forever21, Essie nail polish.

S0o0o that is my wish list! i just wanted to share all these pretty little things that make a fat ugly dent in my wallet. I'm pretty sure if i step into the mall again i could add a million other items to this already long list but i must practice some self control. haha :) i'll be sure to keep you posted if any wishes make it to my closet!

oh dear, i hope i haven't elongated your wish list t0o much.

Olly Murs' "Oh My Goodness" played in the background, have a listen! it's a g0od one. :)

 Muakk!!  xx

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