Monday, November 5, 2012

Oh 10th || Autumn Buck List: Outfit

helll0o0o!! Happy November ! Today i wanted to cross off another item on my bucket list. Visit Marie Bitsandclips for all the info on this challenge and to check out her fab posts!

Click it! to find out more on the original post!
My second item to cross off the list is: Outfit. I didn't do a specific outfit but my favorite pieces that i like to wear when the chilly weather rolls around.

No. 3 :Scarves!
 im in love with them! I have a collection that i just can't stop adding to.
They make me feel warm and fancy. haha

i need a new ways of organizing my pile! haha Any ideas?!
An aunt posted the middle picture and said that it reminded her of me haha the scarf and i guess she thinks i don't do my hair hahaha

No. 4 : Tights!
My legs are for sure not the skinniest in the world, oh how i wish. I love the way they look on skinny legs, grrr carbs! haha 

in the middle, not looking anything like the other two haha

No. 5: Boots!
boots are just boots haha
sorry that the middle picture isn't to clear but my boots are similar to the ones on the right. As for the combat boots, i have been wanting a pair!

No. 6 : TOMS
I love my Toms they are so comfy and they go perfectly with jeans! so i just thought i'd throw them in too.

well, those are a few of my fall favorites to match with my outfits.

Hope you enjoyed!
Ed Sheeran's "One Night" played while i typed, have a listen!

Muakk !! xx

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