Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Oh 20th | Falling in love !

Oh Gee!! October is here! I mean, the excitement I had for September was good but a whole latta days later you get a nippier month and a bit deeper into the autumn season!
You know, i don't mind summer but layering clothes, oversized cardis, chunky knits and scarves are just so much more fun and plush!
*loud squeal and a clap or two occurred*

Fall colors are just my pals! i love the deep and the dark and occasionally the pop of color. And for a girl with a pile of black in her closet its just...its just ahhh!

So look on ahead to some Pinspiration!
(*none of the pictures or mine and sources can possibly be found on my Pinterst board.)

 Conclusion : Every change of weather comes with a list of things that are desperately needed, here is mine.
(note that the list can and will get longer as i spend more time on Pinterest, reading other blogs and just driving past a store. haha)


1. Camel /neutral oversized sweater
2. New pair of black and brown boots
3. Anything red plaid
4. Scarves, the chunkier the better
5. Leather jacket (no idea if it suits me but you know...)
6. Black floral dress
7. Red/ wine colored dress

Muakk !! xx

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