Sunday, June 30, 2013

oh 18th || Nails, nails, nails!

 My "Instagram Worthy" nails! 

I'm quite obsessed with nail polish and nail designs and I haven't got a clue why or how the obsession started. Let us blame Pinterest! haha!
But Oh My! how fun it is. Before, i hadn't the patience to sit around and wait for the all the "base coat, two coats, top coat, fur coat, winter coat...." business! I simply wanted them painted, dried and free to  eat potato chips or sweep my hair into a bun, but nooo, not with the smudging and the UGH! all the hullabaloo.
But that's all in the past, well the waiting is still a bit annoying but my patience has gotten better. :)

I'm an Essie fan, as you can tell! and of course an Ulta fan, which is where i purchased the lacquers!* 

3. Fiji (a fab friend let me borrow)
Essie's 3 Way Glaze was used as base/top coat 
(it's an all in one glaze that saves you money and space)

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Muakk !! xx

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